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Tales of Domestication


I am in my bed, I am sleeping. This fact is deep, deep in the back of my deepest subconscious. 
I am dreaming... I am aware of it, but not aware at the level where interaction with what I am seeing, or the alteration of my dream-state is even faintly possible. I seem to be in my current, 30 year old body, and my ever so slight (screw you, its small) beer paunch is visible if I look ever so slightly downward.
I am man! 
Boy, more like. I am standing at the center of my High school's sports field, wearing the baby blue school shirt (button-up, what else) which I so hated for all 5 years years I called the place home between the hours of 07:00 and 14:00 on weekdays. The blue shirt was an accursed thing due to my (very zone-specific) hyperhidrosis. Now since I know you are not going to google's excessive sweating. Baby-blue is not the ideal color for a 17 year old almost-man whose right armpit tends to lactate salty water at the same rate his testicles are producing mil…

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